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Caring for Critters
Saturday, 05 December 2009 15:37

From November 2013 we have had another baby wombat who arrived weighing 5kg, and by March 2014 was up to 10kg. She will be released around May time - which is apt as that is her name.

 Mae - our latest orphan project

From September 2012 we had a little orphaned wombat called Munchkin (so known because she ate every waking hour) - she was a 10 month old from the Tasman Peninsula where her mum was killed by a car. After the accident until she transferred to us she was raised from a tiny pinky by a wonderful carer in Hobart. She was successfully released back into the wild in April 2013.

Munchkin, an orphaned wombat

Throughout 2010 we raised two orphaned wombats: Chester, who was born around April 2009, and Pepi, who was born around July 2009. They have both now been successfuly reared and released back into the wild, and we occasionally see them wandering through to graze or have a drink at dusk

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The terms of our carer registration do not allow us to show them to guests, but to follow their progress please have a look at Chester's blog: Chester's Blog  

Orienteering at Freycinet Eco Retreat
Saturday, 05 December 2009 15:18

We now have our courses permanently set up, so why not bring a group for a weekend camping in our Barn camp and have some fun pitting yourselves against each other or the clock?